On this page you will find several presentations of productions, which were performed across the duration of this research project, in which I collaborated as a composer and/or performer and/or programmer. Although they hold no direct relation to the presented research, they all served as case studies in regard to previously discussed topics of ‘instrument’, ‘communication’ and computer musician’s performance practice in general. Furthermore, an overview of all concerts, which took place between 2013 and 2016, is presented.

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Concerts and Composition Commissions

Hold Your Horses (S. Verstockt) – ChampdAction – 22/23-05 2013 (De Singel, Antwerp); 03-09-2013 (Concertgebouw Bruges)

Coalesce [2] (B. Van Esser) for 2 pianos and electronics; commissioned by Festival Van Vlaanderen Vlaams-Brabant – Yutaka Oya, Benjamin Van Esser – Transit Festival, 26-10-2013 (STUK, Leuven)

New Forum 2014 – ChampdAction – 23-01-2014 (Ultraschall, Berlin); 04-02-2014 (De Singel, Antwerp); 08-03-2014 (Grame, Lyon)

Coalesce [3] (B. Van Esser) for alto saxophone, percussion and electronics; commissioned by HardScore vzw – Ensemble BLOW – Festival Voorwaarts Maart, 14/15-03-2014 (Bijloke, Ghent)

Coalesce [4] (B. Van Esser) for piano and tape; commissioned by Trefpunt vzw – Bert Derijcke – Gentsche Festspiele – 23-07-2014 (Miryzaal, Ghent)

In C (T. Riley) during launch ‘In C App’ – ChampdAction – 11-10-2014 (Concertgebouw Bruges)

Coalesce [5] (B. Van Esser) for alto saxophone and live electronics – Ruben Olownia – 14-11-2014 (Small Concert hall KCB, Brussels)

Refraction (B. Van Esser) for harp, tape and live electronics; commissioned by ‘Musikfestspiele Sanssouci’ – Andrea Voets – 21-11-2014 (Nikolaisaal, Potsdam)

Coalesce [3] (B. Van Esser) – BlowDruk – 27-01-2015 (De Kluize, Oosterzele)

HRZSCHMRZ - Opera de Trash (S. Verstockt) ChampdAction – Klarafestival 2015 – 17-03-2015 (Ancienne Belgique Brussel); 20/21-05-2015 (De Singel, Antwerp); 23-05-2015 (Vooruit, Ghent)

KLUIS (klankroute Noord-Limburg), gps-based sound installation; commissioned by “Musica, impulscentrum voor muziek” – 09-08-2015 (Achelse Kluis, Hamont-Achel)

Coalesce [3] (B. Van Esser) – BlowDruk – 08-10-2015 (LucaCampus Lemmens, Leuven)

CollidR (B. Van Esser) – Monome compilation release – Symbiotic Cube – 18-12-2015

Pulsatile (B. Van Esser) for ensemble en electronics; commissioned by Spectra Ensemble – Spectra Ensemble – 16-02-2016 (De Link, Tilburg)

Extremely Loud (B. Van Esser) for ensemble and live electronics; commissioned by HardScore vzw – 04-03-2016 (De Bijloke, Ghent)

Coalesce [4] (B. Van Esser) – Gabi Sultana – 28-04-2016 (St. James Cavalier, Valletta (MT))

Coalesce [4], Dart (B. Van Esser) – Gabi Sultana – Gentsche Festspiele – 25-07-2016 (KANTL, Ghent); 29-09-2016 (InnerSound New Arts Festival, Bucharest (RO))

Ten Steps Without a Pace (B. Van Esser) – soundtrack to ‘Sprout’, a promotional video for Danish Architecture Centre’s Talent Week 2016 – 09-2016

Coalesce [4] (B. Van Esser) – Gabi Sultana – Ars Musica – 15-11-2016 (Les Halles De Schaerbeek, Brussels)

Coalesce (B. Van Esser) – CD Release – ChampdAction – 16-11-2016 (KCB, Brussels)

[IN]VISIBLE (B. Van Esser) – PhD Project – ChampdAction – 21-12-2016 (Concertgebouw, Bruges)