You can download the software on this page for free. If you like it, consider a donation so I can continue development.

Cameraad M4L

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Cameraad: a M4L device to add camera input while sharing your screen during online Ableton Live teaching sessions

download M4L device here

Collatz Sequencer M4L

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Collatz Sequencer uses the Collatz conjecture to generate notes.

The Collatz conjecture is a conjecture in mathematics that concerns a sequence defined as follows: start with any positive integer n. Then each term is obtained from the previous term as follows: if the previous term is even, the next term is one half the previous term. If the previous term is odd, the next term is 3 times the previous term plus 1. The conjecture is that no matter what value of n, the sequence will always reach 1.

The Collatz Sequencer generates a note when the term countdown reaches zero, resulting in irregular, repetitive rhythmical patterns. When the sequence for any integer between 1 and 16 reaches 1, it automatically repeats.

download M4L MIDI device here


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UltomatonM4L is a m4l-port of (a part of) my Ultomaton Max patch. It uses Conway's Game of Life to calculate and randomize events. These events can be mapped to any mappable parameter within Live.

download M4L audio device here


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GlitchR is a stereo glitch generator based on groove~, degrade~ and stutter~ objects.

download M4L device here


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Play the game of Snake in M4L and change Live's parameters by changing the snake's direction

download M4L device here

Alpha - BinauralBeatGenerator

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Alpha is a pure-tone binaural beat generator. Use headphones!

download M4L device here


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ArtefactR is a software instrument that allows the user to play back artefacts (pops, clicks, etc) based on buffer content.

download M4L device here


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RevStretchR creates lush textural layers by playing back recorded audio in a reversed manner while stretching and/or transposing the recorded material.

download M4L device here


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ReversR is a simple tool that allows you to playback recorded audio in a reversed manner, on the fly.

download M4L device here


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MicroLooper is a simple looping utility. It allows the user to record a sample (maximum length of 2 seconds) and edit the loop start and end points while playing back.

download M4L device here


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SlicR is a simple slicing utility, great for some quick and dirty slicing. It is to be used in conjunction with the included 'SendSlicR~' device. The device enables performers to play slices of live recorded audio (or pre-recorded samples) on the fly.

download M4L device here


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TupGen is a note generator. Its power lays in the way it handles tuplets. 6 layers, slaved to Live's transport, can be configured separately to spit out up to 16 different kind of tuplets (each), which take place over an adjustable amount of beats.

download M4L device here