ULTOMATON is an electronic instrument that accompanies any acoustic instrument while improvising.

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used in this patch :

- fx modules inspired by 'The Party Van' by Rodrigo Constanzo
- Alex Harker's descriptors external
- Johann Schmidt's Midi-Learn patch
- Ico Bukvic's disis_munger~.mxo
- Conway's Game of Life.

download on demand.


[BODY] [WORLD] is a patch that allows any dancer to improvise his/her own music on the fly. A Kinect is used to read out body movements/gestures in a 3D environment, which in their turn, drive [BODY] [WORLD]. The various movements trigger samples, loops, various effects, etc. [BODY] [WORLD] is still in a pre-alpha state. download on demand.

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GMIT (Guided Music Improvisation Tool) is an improvisation aid. It guides improvising musicians by suggesting follow actions

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download on demand.